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  1. Cheap ways to pass a drug test

    July 16, 2014 by admin

    Passing the drug test is no child’s play with so much advancement in technologies. There are various ways through which one can pass the drug test but usually they are very expensive. Here we will discuss Cheap ways to pass a drug test. Passing drug test are sometimes very important for an individual as their job depends on this test if they fail to pas the drug test they can lose their job.
    Drug tests usually involve urine test, hair test and saliva test, quiz on body language. There are certain methods through which an individual can pass all of these drug tests. Following are the Cheap ways to pass a drug test:
    Urine Testing
    • Masking the specimen: certain chemicals like nitrates, urinade, etc are added to the urine samples which masks the THC content in the urine and hence provides the false result.
    • Diluting the specimen: Adding diluting agents to the sample dilutes the urine and when tested gives negative results
    • Drinking Excessive water: Drinking of excessive water flushes out the THC content from the body through urine, this is one of the Cheap ways to pass a drug test in 24 hours
    • Substitute samples: Substitute the urine sample with some other person who does not consume any type of drug which will result in failure of the test.
    • Exercising: Loosing as much sweat as possible which will also flush out the metabolites content from the human body.
    • Use of diurectics: It will increase the urination and components will be removed from the human body which results in failure of the test. One of the Cheap way to pass drug test.
    • Adding Chemicals: Adding chemicals such as bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, acids and table salt which are very easily available, causes false negative test results. It is also a cheap way to pass drug test.

    Hair Testing
    • Lowering of Toxin content: Many shampoos are present in the market which reduces the toxic content in the hairs which eventually helps in failing the test.

    Saliva Testing
    • Instead of padding between lower gums and cheek, rub pad on teeth, it will fake resulting in the failure of the tests. It is also among the Cheap ways to pass a drug test here

    Consuming large amount of fibrous food helps in eliminating the THC intoxicants out of the human body through stools , helps in getting the negative drug test.It is also a Cheap way to pass a drug test.
    Use of various detoxification kits available in the market also helps in failure of the drug test results. These detoxification kits consists of natural herbs, minerals, vitamins, etc which helps in elimination of toxicants out of the body and helps in getting negative test results. One of the Cheap ways to pass a drug test.

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  2. It is very important to ensure that employees in an organization are not involved in drugs. Drugs li

    July 5, 2014 by admin

    A cheek swab drug test is one of the simplest ways to conduct an emergency drug test. This drug test is simple, cheap and effective and can be done by anyone. The cheek swab drug test gives positive results 2 to 3 days after the drug has been consumed. This drug test was previously not very dependable but now cheek swab drug test has become very advanced due to technological advancements in the field. It has become very difficult to beat this test as even small traces of the toxin which accumulates due to drug use can be found.
    The cheek swab drug test was very expensive but now it has become very affordable and drug test kits are available which can be used at home as well. This has made it very easy for organizations to conduct tests on their employees. It should be made sure that the drug tests are taken only after proper permissions and approval. There should be clauses on the contracts of all employees that inform them of the possibility of a drug test at any time.

    Initially urine test was conducted to check the drug content. For other major cases hair follicle test was conducted as it is very effective as well as very dependable. These tests have been replaced by the cheek swab drug test because of many reasons. The primary reason is that there is no breach of privacy of the person on whom the test is being conducted. Especially in urine test the doubted person had to urinate in front of a witness to ensure that the sample was unadulterated. The cheek swab drug test gives results within minutes of conducting the test.
    It is very difficult to beat the cheek swab drug test as it can be conducted at any moment without any notice. It can be easily conducted at home or at work and is a boon for parents who doubt that their kids might be involved in drugs. There are many products available in the markets which provide these services. The Oralert Saliva Drug Test is the best product for home cheek swab drug test and is easy to use as well. It gives dependable results within minutes of the test.

  3. It is very important to know how to beat a routine drug test for all types of drug users. Especially

    June 30, 2014 by admin

    It is often seen that some people who have taken drugs just for recreational purposes get caught and suffer because of it. Today drug tests are conducted randomly and are becoming mandatory before taking up employment at most of the major organizations in the US. Drug tests are also conducted while at the job. This is necessary to ensure that employees are not using drugs. Quite often these tests do not explain the amount of usage and cause of usage. This makes usage of clean urine for drug test a must in certain cases to get let off scot free.
    Clean urine for drug test can be used only when the test is being done without any supervision. Sometimes the person is asked to get a urine sample from their homes for the test. Clean urine for drug test can easily be used in such cases. Many times people try to substitute someone else’s urine but there is always a chance that other person might also have toxins in their body. Clean urine for drug test is usually created in the laboratory and it ensures that the person will easily escape from getting caught. The clean urine for drug test is usually prepared in such a way that it does not fail if its composition is tested.
    There are many clean urine for drug test products available in the market. Most of these products are fake substitutes of urine and more often than not have completely different composition from urine. In case of laboratory testing this often results in the person being caught of cheating the test. There is clean urine for drug test products that cater to only people from a particular sex and usually fail constituency tests for the other sex. The ultra pure unisex synthetic urine kit is the best product available in the market for this purpose. This product is guaranteed to work effectively and consists of all constituents of urine. It also has a shelf life of 2 years and does not get bad if it is stored.