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  1. How to Pass a Urine Drug Test Without Using Fake Penis to Pass Drug Test

    October 7, 2014 by admin

    Among various drug tests, urine drug test is the simplest and most common. Though more and more employers are now turning towards others like the hair follicle drug test yet due to its simplicity and inexpensive nature many employers still prefer conducting urine drug test. Question is how to pass a urine drug test without using something like Fake penis to pass drug test.

    People that are accustomed to smoking or snorting drugs and cannabis or those that are prone to taking injections for enjoying drug effects could be in for major problems while facing a drug test. Such drug tests could be urine drug tests, blood and saliva drug tests, as well as the advanced hair follicle drug test. Among these the urine drug test is perhaps the simplest and most extensively used drug test. However the question for the prospective candidate is how to pass a urine drug test.

    Artificial and Natural Remedies

    One can consider both artificial and natural remedies for passing the urine drug test. There are basically two ways of passing the test that are as follows.

    • Artificial and somewhat unethical methods like changing the samples or using something like fake penis to pass drug test.
    • The other and perhaps better way is to use some special and best products for detoxifying the body provided by reliable and reputable providers. This will help detoxify the body and remove drug traces and in consequence the prospective candidate can pass the drug test conveniently.

    Failed Methods to Pass the Urine Drug Test

    Some of the failed methods that are used to pass the urine drug test are as follows.
    • Adding materials in the urine that will alter the formation and make it clean and acceptable for the test administrator.
    • Replacing the urine with some synthetic urine that you might be carrying or hiding while appearing in the drug test.
    • Problem with altering the urine or adding something to it is that most of the testing labs will detect them easily.

    Will Home Remedies Work?

    Some people and that includes a few experts as well might suggest using home remedies like consuming a lot of water, other fluids, using vinegar, or cranberry juice etc to get rid of the traces of the drugs in the urine. However most of these methods will either not work or even if they work the results would be inadequate. All said and done; home remedies are no solution for passing either the urine or any such drug tests conducted on the candidate.

    The real solution for the prospective candidate would be using some truly workable detoxifying products like those coming under the Supreme Klean category. Examples are 1-hour detox drink, Supreme Klean Ultra Detox Drinks, 1-hour flush capsules, and various such other products that can really work to detoxify the physique. Instead of following some meaningless methods including home remedies, it would always be a good process using these times tested and result oriented products for the purpose of passing the urine drug test.