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Most Organizations Prefer To Test The Employees At One Time Or The Other

August 22, 2014 by admin

Mouth Swab Drug TestThese days, drug tests are becoming common all around the world. In the U.S, most organizations prefer to test the employees at one time or the other. Drug testing can be seen most commonly in offices, among driver associations as well as in the army. You would be shocked to know that drug tests are becoming common in schools as well with many students being asked to give drug tests. The main reason behind the testing is to minimize the consumption of illegal drugs.

Don’t take it lightly, there are very strict rules associated with these drugs. In case a person fails to pass the drug test, it could even lead to him being fired from his job. Thankfully, there is no reason to worry; there are some ways through which you could easily pass these drug tests.

Reduce the body weight: Many chemicals stick on to the body fat. This is why people with a heavy weight are more susceptible to fail a drug test. If you know in advance that you will be asked to sit for a drug test, you could just try to reduce your weight.

Drink water: It is highly recommended to drink plenty of water before a drug test. Water helps in removing the chemical present in drugs from the urinary tract. This is the cheapest and convenient way of passing the drug test.

Take Aspirin and midol: Midol is recommended by the experts – because it increases the flow of pee and the diuretics help in increasing the pee flow. However, coffee and other caffeine products could be used as a temporary substitute. This not recommended generally though because it is very less effective. Other than Midol, Aspirin could be used to pass a drug test as it barricades the EMIT drug testing blocking specific areas of the spectrum that the technicians might be interested to look for in a urine test.

Consume B 12 Multivitamin: A drug test can be easily passed by the consumption of B 12 Multivitamin. After taking Midol and Aspirin and after drinking plenty of water, the chemicals get removed. Unfortunately, this method could actually give birth to some doubts in the minds of the drug testers. You should this consume a maximum of 100 milligrams of this multivitamin in order to restore the yellow colour back.

Use detox kits: Yes detox kits could work wonders and rid you of the traces of the drugs in even a few days! There are plenty of online stores offering such type of kits.

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