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a April 11th, 2014

  1. Teenage Drug Abuse

    April 11, 2014 by admin

    Facts about teenage drug abuse

    It does not take long for a bad habit to develop into an addiction. What may begin as a mere liking can easily turn into something very serious and habits that are far reaching such as drug abuse. Drug addiction is known to make teenagers their best victims. Never in history has teenage drug addiction been as prevalent as it is now. However, one needs to ponder as to what really is the reason behind teenage drug abuse and can any signs be pin-pointed for such behavior or habit. Abusing drugs like Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Ecstasy and many such more has become a matter of vogue and teenagers are rarely aware of its detrimental effects on their lives.

    Consequences of drug abuse

    Teenage drug abuse has already spread and is continuing to do so. The consequences that are connected to this can be very destructive and there is a high rate of mortality between the ages of 15 to 24 connected to this dangerous abuse. It is also leading to many unsolicited actions like committing murder, assaulting another person, committing rape or theft etc. The degeneration of values is directly connected to the abuse of substances because of the loss of vision and morals.
    Some teenagers use drug addiction as a mechanism to cope with certain feelings of depression or rejection. They feel that drug abuse is an ideal way of escaping from the pressures and problems of daily life. Strange behavior like running away from their homes, keeping away from family members and also hanging out with friends who are not known for their good character can be the tell-tale signs of a teenager who is abusing drugs. This calls for alertness amongst the adults of the family so that they can observe and be able to tell the difference. Other signs can also include red eyes, coughing as well as a difference in the sleeping and eating patterns. However, it is observes that teenagers with a family history of drug abuse will be more susceptible to this destructive behavior. They need to be engaged in more creative activities and be allowed to express their creativity so that they can be prevented from abusing drugs.

    Effects of drug abuse in teenagers

    There are some conspicuous effects which can be noticed in a teenager who is abusing substances or drugs. Some of these are a feeling of irritation, disrupted or lack of sleep, feelings of anger or depression, phobias or fears, a loss of memory and problems in cognitive functions along with lethargy and daily coughing. They can also get into convulsions and gnashing of teeth. Many a time, an over dose of drugs can lead to premature death. However, it is not impossible to stop or prevent drug abuse. All it needs is a strong will power and proper treatment. There are special programs for teenagers offered by treatment centers to help them get back on the way of recovery and a proper life style.