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a February 16th, 2014

  1. Users Of Prescription Drugs

    February 16, 2014 by admin

    The escalation of users of prescription drugs

    Are online pharmacies encouraging prescription drug abuse?

    A drug not prescribed by a physician is strictly prohibited to be delivered to any individual in America by the U.S. Pharmacy Consumer Protection Act. Nevertheless, there are many websites belonging to rogue pharmacies which send out many solicitations via email and some do not even adhere to the regulations that are prescribed by the U.S. Government. Access to these pharmacies is the reason behind the rapid increase in drug addiction and abuse. Powerful painkillers such as Oxycodone and sedatives like Valium which are used for sleep disorders and relieving pain are some of those prescription drugs that are available online, creating hazards to its users.

    The escalation of users of prescription drugs

    It is a shocking fact that illegal substances used on campuses of colleges are being fast replaced by prescription drugs. With the internet expanding by leaps and bounds, there has been a huge growth in the sales of online prescription drugs and it is the senior citizens who are most vulnerable to it as compared to the younger patients, they are prescribed more medications. Survey states that more than 48 million people have used prescription drugs not for medical, but for non-medical reasons. After Marijuana and Heroin, prescription drugs are the second most commonly abused drug category. The abuse of steroid is also on the rise and it has been noticed that men use it more than women. A research conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse has concluded that females tend to use psychotherapeutic drugs for non medical reasons and are inclined toward using tranquilizers and pain relievers for the same reason.
    Medical issues like managing cholesterol and blood pressure are often treated with regular ingestion of pills. It thus becomes easier to take such aids as an addiction which increases the risk of fatal and negative interactions between the drugs taken. With the growth of the internet and the easy access to the global medical markets, prescription drugs are deemed to rise with many more online pharmacies selling them to Americans in spite of being aware of the limitations and regulations made against them.
    The reason behind the increase of prescription drugs in U.S.
    When prescription drugs are used in a quantity which is more than what is required, it is called drug abuse. The most common prescription drugs are anti-anxiety drugs, tranquilizers and pain killers. People begin to continue using the drugs even after they are cured of the reasons why they have initially begun because they have become addicted to it. They begin to justify their drug abuse by convincing themselves that prescription drugs are not as bad as Heroin or Ecstasy. A few extra pills that are taken for quick relief can turn dangerous as the patient rarely realizes that addiction is as bad as abuse.
    Even if the doctor has discontinued the prescribed drug, addicts begin to look for another doctor to get the same prescription under a pretext that is false. The only way to combat prescription drug abuse is regular counseling and consulting local doctors.